4 Eye-Opening Reasons Homeowners Should Invest in an AC Maintenance Plan

Unexpected HVAC costs can really hurt the homeowner who’s on a budget. Air Conditioning repairs alone can range between $150-$450 depending on the issue.

That’s why having an AC maintenance plan is worth the cost. You can have a warrantied professional in your home twice a year to examine all of your equipment and make any needed small repairs before they turn into costly issues.

Read on for our top 4 eye-opening reasons to invest in a maintenance package for your air conditioning system.

1. Fewer Expensive Repairs

Most major repairs that are required on HVAC systems are caused by a smaller problem that went unnoticed. In fact, most repairs are a result of inadequate maintenance.

If left for too long, a simple replacement or a part or cleaning of a coil can turn into a total system replacement or another expensive repair.

When a professional and warranty backed specialist comes regularly to inspect the various components of your HVAC system, they are more likely to find the small repairs before they turn into costly problems.

2. Peace of Mind

HVAC breakdowns happen when the equipment is working the hardest. This means that most system failures happen when you need them working the most, in the dead of winter during a freeze, or in the blazing sun of a summer heatwave.

By having regular maintenance done on your air conditioner and furnace, you’ll be preventing small problems from turning into major equipment malfunctions.

You can rest easy, knowing that when you need your comfort systems most, they’ll be working in perfect condition.

3. Having an AC Maintenance Plan is More Energy Efficient

A well-tuned air conditioner will work more efficiently than one that is overcompensating for damaged parts of the system.

By having regular maintenance through one of our custom maintenance packages your system will be able to work effectively while using less energy.

One of our trained experts will check the coils, condensate drain, clean the blower motor, lubricate the moving parts, and many more essential maintenances each time they visit.

Having your system in tip-top shape can save you a lot of money on your monthly utility bills.

4. Save Money on Needed Repairs

We offer special discounts on parts and labor to our clients with maintenance plans. That means they’ll save 20% on all parts and labor costs. And when it’s time for a new system, we even offer 10% off of new air conditioners and furnaces.

The air conditioners and furnaces with regular maintenance done have a longer performance life than those without. So you’ll be able to avoid replacing your systems for longer.

It’s our way of saying “thank you” and your way of saving big.

It’s Time to Get Your Plan in Place

Having an AC maintenance plan is the key to having peace of mind and avoiding unexpected and expensive repairs.

Don’t wait till your next AC malfunction, get a professional into your home today!

For more info on how to maximize the life and performance of your HVAC systems check out our blog today!