5 Essential Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

The air conditioning system is one of the single most expensive items in your home. In fact, the average replacement cost for an air conditioner is more than $3,000. You can double this cost estimate to hire professional installers.

It is important that you treat your air conditioner as an investment. This includes prioritizing preventative maintenance to avoid major repairs or a replacement.

Read on to learn all about air conditioner maintenance. Explore five essential tips to keep your unit operating at maximum efficiency this summer.

1. Change the Air Filters

Replacing the air filter is one of the simplest maintenance steps for an AC unit. Unfortunately, many homeowners delay or forget to replace the air filter altogether.

A clogged air filter requires your unit to work harder. The cool air does not move as freely and it takes longer to reach your desired temperature.

The frequency in which you should change air filters depends on several variables. Factors such as pet ownership or allergies drive the replacement schedule. In general, experts recommend changing the air filters every 30 to 90 days.

2. Clean the Exterior Air Condenser

Many homeowners only focus on the interior unit. The exterior air condenser requires attention as well.

A simple maintenance step is to remove debris in and around the fan grill. Over the fall and winter, leaves and twigs build up around the unit.

The next step is removing the outer covers. Then, clean the condenser’s fins from the interior to remove dirt and debris. These simple cleaning steps help your AC unit operate more efficiently.

3. Clear the Condensate Drain

Your condensate drain can get clogged over time by dirt, algae, and other foreign debris. The end result is a leak when the drain pan overflows.

While some capable homeowners are capable of this maintenance task, it is more complicated than the others. You may need to bring in a professional service company for this one.

4. Clean the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is tucked inside the AC unit. You need to open up the unit to access it.

It is located near the air handler where the blower fan is. You may have to carefully remove some aluminum foil to reach it.

Your evaporator coils are designed to remove hot air. If the evaporator coils are dirty, your unit will not operate efficiently.

5. Inspect the Unit

It is crucial to look for issues that may result in costly AC repair or replacement. Loose connections and holes are two things the average homeowner can identify.

Also, damaged ductwork and blockages warrant attention. Any issue that results in air leakage or restricted airflow requires professional assistance.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Critical

No one wants to see their AC fail in the middle of summer. The truth is that AC replacement is avoidable with proper upkeep. Steps like cleaning evaporator coils and condenser fins go a long way to extending your unit’s service life.

If you are looking for air conditioner maintenance near Jasper, Texas, contact us today to schedule an appointment.