5 Tips for Finding the Best Local Fridge Repair Service in Newton, TX

Recent studies have found that the average American spends $1,300 each year on food that they waste. In many cases, food spoils before we can get to it, or it gets lost in the back of the fridge. However, a faulty refrigerator doesn’t help. You may end up tossing products that you planned to use if your fridge breaks down. Other problems you might face include higher energy bills and disruptive noises. But how do you find a qualified technician to help? Here’s how to find a fridge repair service you can trust here in Newton, Texas.

1. Ask Friends and Family

If you have friends or family members in your area, ask them if they have any referrals. That way, you can ask them how they felt about the service, cost, and overall experience.

Of course, if you need a fridge repair service, make sure the company they recommend covers appliance repairs.

2. Read Online Reviews

If you can’t get any referrals from your friends or family, you can read reviews from your neighbors. Often, you can ask for suggestions on social media platforms like Facebook or Nextdoor.

Almost nine-out-of-ten people say that reviews play a role in discovering a local business.

Online reviews from members of your community are just as useful as recommendations from those you know. You can learn about a company’s services, its sense of professionalism, and more.

3. Ask the Company Questions

Any appliance repair companies you consider should have the appropriate licenses and be bonded and insured. After all, you don’t want to get stuck with the cost of repairs if they make a mistake or cause damage.

If you can’t find this information on their website, simply send them a message or give them a call. They should be happy to answer any questions you have about qualifications. If they don’t answer, consider that a red flag.

4. Get Repair Estimates

If you have a set budget, you’ll benefit from getting repair costs before scheduling the service. Do your research first to get a better idea of what you should expect to pay for the service in your area.

Ask the company how they calculate their fees, especially parts and labor.

5. Ask About Warranties

A warranty can provide peace of mind. Companies that offer service warranties stand behind their work, so you always want to find ask about any guarantees.

Most reputable companies offer some type of repair warranty, usually ranging from 30 days to a year.

Find a Fridge Repair Service in Newton, TX

If you use these tips, it should be easy to find a fridge repair service that you can count on. The sooner you act, the sooner you can get your refrigerator in working order again.

Do you need an appliance repair service here in Newton, TX? If so, you can leave it to us at A1 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. We’re fully insured, and our team of professional technicians has the training and experience necessary to provide excellent service.

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