5 Warning Signs of AC Freon Leaks and What It Means

Because Texas is the 4th hottest state in the United States, having cool air is a must. While air conditioners do help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, there are times they may not work properly.

You may wonder why your air conditioner is not blowing out any cool air. This is likely because of AC coolant leaks.

To learn more about the 5 warning signs of AC coolant leaks and how to handle these leaks, continue reading.

1. Lack of Cool Airflow

Refrigerant plays an important part in keeping your home cool. Refrigerant absorbs heat from inside your house and releases it outside.

If there is a refrigerant leak, cool airflow will not come from your air conditioner. In order for cool air to blow out of your AC, refrigerant needs to be in the air conditioner.

2. Frozen AC Unit

When an air conditioner is low on refrigerant, this can cause AC unit freezing. The evaporator coils or refrigerant lines will build up condensation and freeze.

A way to tell if they are freezing, is to look under or around your air conditioner and see if water is dripping off of it. If you find this to be happening, it is because of the condensation.

3. Noise Coming From AC

While hearing sounds from your air conditioner may seem normal, this is one of the signs of a refrigerant leak.

These sounds come from the refrigerant lines. If you are experiencing a gas leak, you will hear a hissing noise. A liquid leak will produce a bubbling sound. Typically, these sounds occur when the leak is large. 

4. Increase in Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills are more expensive than usual?

A refrigerant leak can cause these bills to increase. This occurs when a leak causes the air conditioner to use more energy.

The AC will use more energy because it is working harder in order to work properly. Because of this energy usage, bills will go up.

5. House Takes a Long Time to Cool Down

As mentioned earlier, refrigerant is what absorbs the heat from your house and then releases it outside.

If your refrigerant is low, it will take more time absorbing any heat from your house.

A low amount of refrigerant means your house will not cool down properly or in a decent amount of time. The cooling process will take much longer.

What Does This Mean?

You may be wondering what this means for your air conditioner and how to go about it. These leaks can be fixed, but it is best to hire a professional for any repairs. Freon can be harmful, so repairing the leak yourself is not recommended.

Hiring a technician with experience is the safest option. We are the company you are looking for.

Our company is certified by multiple industry organizations and our technicians and staff are professionally and continuously trained.

Take Care of Your AC Freon Leaks Today

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