How to Easily Maintain Your Commercial Walk-In Freezer for Your Kirbyville, TX Business

Commercial freezers are used to store fresh and cooked food as well as beverages. They are a central component of various businesses, from restaurants, coffee houses, breweries, and hotels to nursing homes and hospitals. When a walk-in freezer fails to operate as it should, it could mean contaminated food and huge financial losses.

The good news is that there are some easy ways to avoid such a catastrophe. The main one is doing basic commercial freezer maintenance to ensure all its many working parts are operating as they should.

Below are some basic steps to service your commercial freezer. Keep reading to find out how you can stay on top of basic maintenance checks.

Regular Cleaning

One of the easiest things you can do for walk-in freezer maintenance is regular cleaning. Using warm water and mild detergent is enough to keep shelves, walls, floors, and other surfaces clean and free of spills.

This can include regular defrosting. If your freezer lacks an automatic defrost feature, manually schedule it. This will help avoid the buildup of excessive ice.

Also, look for signs of issues, including foul odors. Condensation and frost are another two big ones–they indicate that warm air is interacting with the cold air in the freezer. Also, listen for unusual or louder noises coming from the freezer.

Inspect Non-Mechanized Components

Another important maintenance step is to regularly inspect the door seals, drain lines, and structures inside the freezer. Seals can become loose, as well as dried and cracked. Damaged seals result in cold air leaking from the freezer.

This can lead to increased energy consumption and a potential drop in temperature. Replace seals as needed.

Occasionally double-check drain lines for signs of leaks or clogs. They too need occasional replacement after years of use. Also, look for other degraded parts inside the freezer, that could cause problems if they fell or broke.

Inspect Compressor and Other Mechanized Components

Inspecting the motorized parts of a freezer requires a deeper dive. The condenser is what removes heat from the system, and it requires adequate airflow to do so. Check for any obstructions near the fan intake.

Also, take a look at condenser coils. Remove any dust, debris, or ice that has built up.

Evaporators remove moisture from your refrigerators system. They can build up ice over a short period, although it is common for a commercial refrigeration system to have built-in defrosters to prevent this. If evaporators are not working as they should (for whatever reason), this causes the condenser to work overtime.

These inspections are very important. Not only do they ensure your freezer is performing as it should, but it allows it to run more efficiently. This also cuts down on wear and tear and extends its life.

Hire a Professional

One of the easiest things you can do to ensure your walk-in cooler is functioning at full capacity is to schedule a professional inspection. They can do a comprehensive assessment, so that you know all problems are addressed. This has the added advantage of catching minor issues before they become major ones.

Hiring a commercial refrigeration repair service can save you both time and money. Most reputable technicians have annual maintenance plans. They may even give you a discount on any repairs for signing up.

Find Walk-In Freezer Maintenance Near You

Now that you understand how to maintain your commercial walk-in freezer, you can take steps to get yours up to speed. With a little diligence and effort, you can ensure that your freezer runs efficiently and lasts for a very long time.

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