Is an AC Maintenance Plan a Good Investment? These 4 Reasons Say ‘Yes’

When you’re so busy, you might only think to call an HVAC repair company when your AC stops working.

But from coils that need cleaning to a thermostat that needs calibration, your AC needs routine maintenance just like your car does.

To reduce any hassle, you can purchase an AC maintenance plan.

This plan involves having a few visits to tune up your AC each year. It also gives you access to special perks that lessen the strain of any future repair needs.

Read on for four reasons why an HVAC maintenance plan is a great investment.

1. Save Money

With HVAC service contracts, you can pay a flat fee to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning equipment.

You won’t have to pay for each tune-up or coil cleaning visit.

At the same time, you can get discounts on future products and services.

For example, we offer a 20 percent discount on replacement parts and repair labor for plan members. You’ll get 10 percent off any new AC units you buy from us, and we won’t charge you for service calls either.

2. Prevent Future AC Breakdowns

It’s never convenient when AC problems happen and leave you sweating in the summer heat.

The regular tune-ups an AC maintenance plan offers can help prevent common problems early.

For example, we will make sure your AC has no leaks and that the wiring doesn’t have damage. By making small fixes, we can save you future headaches and keep your home cool.

Also, keep in mind that regular maintenance often is a requirement for your AC warranty.

So, if your AC unit breaks down with proof of maintenance, you’re more likely to get a replacement or repair under your warranty claim.

3. Get Priority Service When You Need It

Have you ever needed your AC fixed fast just to find out you’d have to wait several days until an appointment?

Even worse, the next visit might be when nobody is even at home.

You won’t have to worry about this if you get an HVAC service contract from us. We’ll be there within 24 hours and have convenient appointment hours so that your family isn’t left in the heat.

4. Keep Your AC Operating Efficiently

Did you know that having regular HVAC maintenance done can also help your AC unit save energy?

This happens thanks to the coil cleaning process included as part of our AC maintenance plan.

When your coils have dirt on them, your AC’s motor and other parts feel the strain. Eventually, this can make your unit not last as long as it should.

Having the coils cleaned as part of regular AC maintenance will lessen the strain on the AC’s components and will also have a nice impact on your electric bill.

Invest in an AC Maintenance Plan Today

Getting an AC maintenance plan will help you save time and money in the long run.

It will also keep your AC in good shape so that it serves your family longer. 

So, rather than just booking a single tune-up, consider signing up for our AC maintenance plan. You can rest assured we’ll send trained technicians to perform a thorough inspection and check-up on your unit as soon as possible.

Schedule an appointment with us today to get started!