The 5 Most Common Appliance Issues and Repairs

Buying a new appliance is one of the highlights of being a homeowner. When things are brand new, people expect appliances to last forever.

Do you know what to do if you need oven repair or refrigerator maintenance?

If you can identify the most common appliance issues, you can speak intelligently to an expert or repairman about the cause. Commit this information to memory, and your friends will contact you to help figure out their appliance problems.

1. Garbage Disposal

The good news about garbage disposals is that most of the issues can be solved by resetting. Modern disposals have fail-safe triggers that prevent them from overheating, running too long, or other mechanical errors.

Read your owner’s manual to locate the reset switch. If the shredders aren’t properly grinding the debris, a manual rotation is required followed by a reset.

For health and safety reasons, never put your hand down the disposal with the power engaged. Serious issues should be referred to a professional.

2. Oven Repair

The common complaint about ovens is that the unit isn’t heating properly. Depending on the age and use, the entire oven bake element could be worn out. If the element is fine, then you need to make sure the internal temperature sensor is working.

To ensure a functioning oven, clean the appliance as much as possible. People often forget this is a vital part of maintaining an oven. Some ovens even have a clean function.

3. Washing Machine

Does your washer smell funky? Is it causing your loads to smell bad, too?

If you’re constantly running the washer, you probably have residual greywater in the tub. Run an empty cycle with hot water, baking soda, and vinegar to eliminate strange smells.

Another easy fix is to give more time between washing cycles. This lets the tub dry out.

4. Refrigerator Ice Machine

The ice machine on a refrigerator is one of the great luxuries of our time. Because of the convenience, people tend not to have a backup ice tray in the freezer.

A broken ice machine in Jasper, TX is a recipe for disaster. You may need to replace a small fan motor, or you could be stuck with an expensive refrigerant replacement.

5. Damaged Microwave

Microwaves are easy to use and save hours of cooking over the span of one week. A damaged microwave is a serious matter though.

Consult an expert immediately if the door doesn’t close or the food isn’t heating properly. Any problems with a microwave are potentially hazardous to your health due to the magnetron in the appliance.

Keep your family safe by ensuring the microwave is doing its job.

Become an Appliance Master

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your appliance, become an appliance master by taking care of them. Don’t panic if something malfunctions. Now that you have the basic knowledge, attacking the problem won’t be as difficult.

The next time your neighbor or friend needs an oven repair, you can help them diagnose the issue.┬áRemember, appliances won’t last forever, but your knowledge will.

If you are in search of a professional repair service to meet all your Jasper, TX needs, then contact us today.