When to Call a Professional Refrigeration Repair Company in Jasper, TX

Every minute that passes with a broken commercial refrigerator means a loss of income.

Every sensible business owner knows how vital refrigeration is in food service operations. Keeping food out of the “danger zone” is why you invested in commercial refrigerators. A faulty refrigeration system could result in losing customer trust and facing health violations.

Considering the heat and humidity in Jasper, TX, the margin of error for keeping your products at the right temperature is razor-thin. Recognizing the need for refrigeration repair can prevent your business from being in hot water.

Let’s discuss the signs that prompt a visit from your friendly refrigeration repair professional.

Knock, Knock

If that sound isn’t coming from the ice-maker, there’s trouble brewing. A knocking noise may indicate a problem with the condenser or a fan motor. Other worrisome noises include high-pitched squealing, rattling, clicking, or loud humming. 

Of course, it’s normal for commercial refrigerators to make some level of noise. For example, the compressor generates a low buzzing or humming sound during its operation. But if it’s so loud that you can hear it from the next room, it’s time to call a professional for refrigeration repair service.

That’s Not Sweat

Excessive condensation looks like your refrigerator is “sweating” on the inside and outside. This issue is, for the most part, temporary and due to high humidity or a case of people leaving the door open for too long. However, it could also mean that there’s an underlying mechanical problem that needs fixing.

You could be dealing with drainage problems or damaged rubber gaskets that can’t keep a tight seal. If you don’t address them, your condensation troubles will continue. Extra moisture can become a catalyst for biological growth and spoilage.

Another potential problem is the loss of efficiency that often comes with these issues. When the gasket seals fail, the unit lets warm air in and allows cool air to escape. The motor has to work harder to maintain a constant temperature which could hasten wear and tear.

Refrigeration Repair for Leaks

Water leaks can damage your floors or the refrigerator’s electrical components. If you let the leak persist, it’s only a matter of time until you’re dealing with molds. A clogged pipe or hose is usually to blame for water leaks.

The more serious matter is a refrigerant leak which is a safety and environmental hazard. The Environmental Protection Agency has strict regulations for refrigerant leak repair. To ensure compliance, owners must take corrective action if an appliance starts leaking this chemical.

And not just any qualified electrician or repairman can do this job. According to the EPA, technicians that handle ozone-depleting refrigerants must be certified. Only hire a technician who has earned a Section 608 Certification from an EPA-approved organization.

Do You Notice Signs of Refrigeration Problems?

As a business owner, the last thing you want is any downtime from your commercial refrigeration unit. What’s best for business is to call a professional for refrigeration repair ASAP if you notice any of the signs above.

If your business happens to be in Jasper, TX, you’re in luck. We at A1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning pride ourselves on being the most reliable appliance repair company in the area.

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