Why Is My Walk-in Cooler Not Cooling?

Are you experiencing issues with your walk-in cooler? When you rely on it to keep your business running, signs of a broken walk-in cooler can be a cause for alarm. After all, you don’t want to have to toss valuable stock.

If you notice any of the below reasons, it may be time for a walk-in cooler repair service.

Obstructed Condenser Area

Your condenser takes refrigerant from a gas state into a liquid state. Any heat the vapor absorbed gets released outside. After this, the refrigerant can return to the condenser coil.

If the area where the condenser coil is located gets blocked, it can cut off airflow. Your cooler won’t be able to remove the heat and work as efficiently.

Thankfully, this is easy to check. Make sure the condenser is in a temperature-controlled, well-ventilated area.

Panel Damage and Leaks

Insulation panels inside your walk-in cooler keep the device cold and maintain the set temperature. However, these panels may become damaged, which can cause leaks.

Insulation panels also only last around ten years. Moisture and ice can deteriorate the inside of the panels, rendering them inefficient.

You can replace these panels to correct the problem.

Damaged Gaskets

A buildup of frost inside the walk-in cooler can indicate a problem with temperature control. High humidity levels can cause condensation inside the freezer.

Damaged gaskets aren’t keeping warm air from getting inside and cool air from escaping. They’ll need replacing as soon as possible. Even a tiny crack is a sign your equipment needs servicing.

Have a professional inspect your freezer to look for common warning signs such as seal damage and fix the issue.

Faulty Sensors

Inconsistent temperatures can cause food spoilage. If your walk-in freezer’s temperature seems to fluctuate, it could be due to a faulty sensor. Broken sensors affect how well the freezer works and can regulate temperatures.

When temperatures are too high, the equipment can work harder and potentially burn out faster.

In addition to broken sensors, bad staff habits may also be to blame. Make sure the freezer doors are being closed correctly and the doors aren’t being left open for too long.

Leaking Water

Old insulation and damaged gaskets can also result in leaks. Leaks are a sign that you need to have a professional come inspect your freezer to look for the cause.

Ignoring the problem not only causes your walk-in freezer to work harder, but all that moisture can lead to mold growth. Mold can pose a health risk to yourself and your employees, plus it can contaminate your products.

Walk-in Cooler Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help prevent problems with your walk-in cooler. Don’t wait until your cooler breaks and you’re forced to toss valuable stock. If you’re in Jasper, Brookeland, Kirbyville, TX, or the surrounding areas, A-1 Refrigeration Air Conditioning is here for you.

From air conditioning to appliances, we strive to serve our customers’ needs. For commercial walk-in cooler repair, schedule a service today. We serve Jasper and The Great Lakes, Texas areas.