A Winter HVAC Maintenance Guide for Homeowners in Jasper, TX

Your furnace might be one of the most unnoticed features of your home. That is until you wake up on the coldest winter morning and there’s no heat in your house. 

How does your furnace know when it’s the coldest and when an HVAC repair will be the most challenging?

While this issue is undoubtedly an inconvenience, it can also be dangerous for you, your family, and your home. What if you weren’t home when the furnace shut down?

One way to be prepared for the cold months of the year is with winter HVAC maintenance. What does that include for your HVAC system?

Read on to learn more about winter HVAC maintenance and why it’s essential for you to schedule it. 

Do Annual Maintenance

Most HVAC specialists recommend that homeowners sign up for annual maintenance plans for their HVAC systems.

Most suggest that your furnace be checked out in the early fall before the cold of winter sets in. Then having the AC system checked out in early spring before the heat of summer sets in.

There are a host of benefits to regular maintenance of your HVAC system. 

First, regular maintenance can help to lower your energy bills. When a furnace isn’t running at its best, it can use more energy, costing more to run. 

Another benefit is preventing the chance of a more expensive furnace repair. An HVAC specialist checks out your system during maintenance checks. Any issues brewing in your system can be addressed before they become a big and expensive repair. 

Nobody likes the idea of replacing a furnace, especially in the coldest months of winter. When your furnace gets regular maintenance and repairs, it will run longer. An efficient furnace will have a longer life than one running inefficiently.

When your furnace is running at its best, it also helps to keep the air quality in your home in good shape. If you don’t perform regular maintenance and have old, dirty filters in your furnace, you can pump dusty and dirty air through your vents and into your home.

Preventative Maintenance Guide

Preventative maintenance is always better than emergency repair. Twice a year checkups of your furnace and AC system, keep them running at their best when you need them most. 

What type of maintenance might depend on several factors, including:

  • HVAC system age
  • Size of HVAC system 
  • Demands on your system 
  • Brand and warranty plans for your HVAC system
  • Condition of the system

There are some things that are especially important for fall and winter HVAC maintenance checklists. 

It’s important to:

  • Replace the furnace filters
  • Check heating elements
  • Check out the wiring and any electrical connections
  • Replace batteries in thermostats
  • Check the heat pump
  • Check the flue system

In general, it makes sense to have a professional furnace look over the critical parts of your furnace before the furnace is needed for cold weather. 

Use These Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips

Winter HVAC maintenance tips are important, so you don’t wake up in the middle of a cold February morning to a non-working furnace. Regular checkups help keep your furnace running well and also help to avoid a major repair. 

If you want to schedule maintenance in Jasper and the Great Lakes area, contact us at A1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for a professional checkup today.