How to Maintain Your Commercial Walk-in Cooler in Brookeland, TX

A commercial walk-in cooler is important for your business to keep products under temperature control. They’re sturdy, reliable, and able to keep a large number of items chilled.

But do you know how to maintain your cooler properly all year round so that it doesn’t spoil your products?

In this guide, we’ll give you cooler maintenance tips. Read on for more.

Clean the Condensing Unit Regularly

The condensing unit is a crucial part of the walk-in cooler. They contain important elements for your cooler such as:

  • Compressor
  • Condensing fan motor
  • Condensing coil

Get to grips with where this component’s found. It’s usually on the top, outside, or underneath the cooler.

Schedule it for a cleaning every month. First, turn off the power and clear out all the dirt with a vacuum.

Ensure Lights Get Turned off When Not Using

Always ensure the lights become switched off when the cooler isn’t in use. The lighting makes the cooler warmer, forces it to work overtime, and uses up more energy.

You can set the lights to turn off when it’s not in use through a controlled setting system.

Clean All Surfaces

It’s great to make sure surfaces are cleaned regularly, say once per month again or every week. All surfaces should be cleared – it keeps them sterile. Wipe down spillages often to ensure surfaces are fresh.

Try not to use chemicals that may cause more harm than good. Rather, use softer cleansers and water. Do it with care and clear away spills with a cloth.

Maintain Optimal Temperature Control

Temperature control settings are crucial to keep an eye on and ensure they’re turned to the correct settings. But don’t try it at home yourself – have your technician come and have a look at it. That way, you’ll know it’s set to the right temperature.

If notice any obscure noises or spot unforeseen alterations in its functionality, it might be worth calling your technician. 

Inspect Door Seals Often

The door seals are also critical for maintaining and ensuring your cooler remains at the right temperature. They keep air from making its way in through the sides of the cooler. Checking them takes very little time, so it should be done monthly.

If they’re still working fine, it’s not a bad idea to have them changed yearly. This makes sure they’ll always be in proper working order.

The doors are flexible yet powerfully built. If the materials start wearing away, or the door seals look like they might start to pull off or become easily broken, look for a company to replace them. Your door seals are more important than you might think for temperature control.

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Your walk-in cooler should always be maintained so that you can keep the temperature correct and ensure its remains working for long. Here, we’ve also shown you the walk-in cooler benefits.

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