The Best AC Maintenance Plan for the Upcoming Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here, and on day three, the 2020 season already broke a record. The third named storm arrived faster than any other third storm in history, and it looks like we’re in for a wild one.

Although recent storms have been tropical storms, NOAA says we can expect six to 10 hurricanes in 2020 and three to six storms reaching at least a Category 3. And everyone needs to be prepared.

One of the ways homeowners need to get ready for hurricane season is through HVAC maintenance. What do we mean? Here’s what you need to know about the best AC maintenance plan for hurricane season.

Schedule Your Summer Check-Up

It’s always a good idea to get an HVAC system check-up before the summer season sets in for good. HVAC maintenance inspections give you a chance to spot damage or system problems early and perform preventative maintenance.

Why is this so important before hurricane season? You want your cooling system to be fully functional before a storm hits to give it a better chance of survival (at least in terms of working against the heat).

The best AC maintenance plan will include at least two visits a year: once before summer, and once in the autumn. In other words, get your system inspected before you need it full-time and after you run it all summer. Getting it done can save you between $150-$450, depending on the repair.

Double-Check Your Tie Downs and Tarp

Everyone needs to have hurricane-proof tie-downs and a tarp to protect your unit after the storm. Your tie downs should be suitable for winds up to 160 miles-per-hour.

It’s a good idea to test them and check for any damage before hurricane season starts. You don’t want to find a frayed tie-down or broken buckle as a storm approaches.

Remember not to leave your tarp on your unit outside of storm conditions. It’s there to protect your HVAC unit from heavy rain. However, leaving it on can also encourage rust and mold.

Always Inspect Your HVAC Unit Before Turning It On Again

We all know not to switch your HVAC system on immediately after the storm passes. You always need to look at it first. If you can spot damage, call an HVAC repair specialist for a formal inspection. Additionally, consider calling for maintenance if you experience substantial flooding, even if your HVAC unit sits on a platform and you can’t see the damage.

Remember, turning on a damaged HVAC system can wreak more havoc than leaving it off!

The Best AC Maintenance Plan Includes Inspections

Protecting your home from hurricanes always begins and ends with an HVAC inspection because the combination of the Texas heat with storm season wreaks havoc on your HVAC unit.

That’s why the best AC maintenance plan in Texas always includes at least two inspections a year.

At A1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, our HVAC maintenance plans include not only two performance tune-ups per year, but we also put you on our free 24-hour priority service list in case of emergencies.

Are you prepared for hurricane season in Texas? Get in touch today to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment in Jasper, Texas.